Wednesday, October 9, 2013

did you hear about the class action suit against Porsche for the intermediate shaft bearing failures?

a total intermediate shaft-bearing failure within the engine, a hand-grenade effect that transformed the uber-wundercars into functioning doorstops. So prevalent were the malfunctions that owners banded together to sue Porsche.

Porsche wants nothing to do with him and will not—cannot, they say—fix his car gratis. His problem,  lies outside the criteria of the class-action suit, and to fix it would violate the agreement. Schoelzel's car was registered to him and in service for 10 years and 98 days, so he's S.O.L.

 If he wants the company to behave as it should and treat him as a loyal customer, he is going to have to sue them on his own.

 From 2001 to 2005, Porsche sold 39,633 Boxsters and a whopping 51,375 Porsche 911 models (including rarer and unattached-to-this-suit GT2s, GT3s and Turbos).

 The heart of the matter is the heart of what matters: If you can't trust Porsche to build bullet-proof engines and stand by their products, what can you do? 

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